Best Fucking Bare Back Movies

Three scruffy Brits fuck each other in this hot 4 minute piece.  It’s raw and rough and fucking sexy.  It starts with double penetration, but it gets sexier when we get to see the bottom’s face while one of the tops rams him from behind.  First creampie is 2:15, and we find out how hot this bottom’s hole is after a good long beating. From there on out, it is just a matter of time until you spurt your load too, since you can almost feel that juicy ass around your cock.  

This is a hot, everyday fuck.  I’d be happy with it every day, anyway.

why does the main page have a video that autoplays everytime I come on your site? redtube video starts with 2 men in a porn theater? love the free porn but this is annoying as hell

Thanks for the info, I didn’t know.  It is gone!

 Cristiano, a tall, lean stud  puts his nice bare dick into the hole of a bottom slut almost before he gets all the way into the room.  No need for introductions when there is a fuckstick that will do it. . A mirror is mounted above the headboard, and the top stud gets off on watching himself plow the eager bottoms hole.The 720 high def  really shows the details and at the 20 min mark, a glistening cream pie looks good enough to eat.  (Though I wish they would have lingered longer) If you like crystal clear visions of a pretty dick going into a smooth ass, this 22 min film will get the juice flowing.

You know a movie is hot when you jack off to it before you go to bed, and you wake up thinking of it and repeat before breakfast.

The top here is young, blond and butch, and fuck yes, he knows how to plant his seed!  Both the bottom and this young stud look like they are having the fuck of their lives as they both come twice.

The top, I could watch his crotch all day.  Love the dangling lower ball, love his hairy hole, and when he is going doggy style on that little bottoms hole, the tops ass looks amazing!

I love pretty much this whole movie, though it is deeply disappointing that his second load lands on the bottom’s face.  Still, I will probably watch this one again soon. Very energetic, fun filled raw fuck.

Oh yes, this one made me come.  The hairier and studlier guy here quickly gets his legs in the air for a lengthy tongue job from a smooth muscle stud.  I love a hairy ass lick! I did assume that the hairy guy would top, and how nice to see that hairy hole penetrated. A nice double orgasm results in a sweet creampie around the 16 min mark.  And then, surprise, Flip Fuck! So nice!

Outdoor, Bareback Sex brought to you by PornHub

Two guys pick up a young guy fishing and one of them fucks his pretty ass until he cums on his face.  Nice outdoor scene with a good looking bottom, especially when he is squatting over that raw cock.

Holy shit, I love this.  The young bottom has just enough hair on his hole to make this work, as well as that stunned look on his face that a huge tool is invading.  The piecings on the taint of the top, as well as his manly physique, make this perfect, all the way to the cream pie. 

Two young smooth guys bump their uglies until we get to see a very thick, rich creampie.  Worth the 3 minutes.

Impaling 1 brought to you by PornHub

Biaggi’s dick look so nice slamming into a pretty, hairy hole. The bottom is bearded and butch- all the better when Baiggi finally plants his seed into him while his legs are in the air.  34 minutes long, with little fluff..

No one piston fucks like Igor, and Osian has a sweet hole that is ready for the punishment.  He pulls out at the end to blow his load on Osian’s pretty face, then mugs for the camera as his dick gets cleaned off.  16 minutes, very energetic bareback fuck.