Best Fucking Bare Back Movies

Impaling 1 brought to you by PornHub

Biaggi’s dick look so nice slamming into a pretty, hairy hole. The bottom is bearded and butch- all the better when Baiggi finally plants his seed into him while his legs are in the air.  34 minutes long, with little fluff..

No one piston fucks like Igor, and Osian has a sweet hole that is ready for the punishment.  He pulls out at the end to blow his load on Osian’s pretty face, then mugs for the camera as his dick gets cleaned off.  16 minutes, very energetic bareback fuck.

Str8 Military goes BB 2 brought to you by PornHub

Two studly marines bareback in this 21 minute film.  The bottom starts  very quitely when the huge cock is shoved in his hole, but eventually is a screaming fag as the cock keeps punishing his hairy hole.  Cum shots are wasted on faces, but I love seeing the butch bottom take that big boy’s dick.

A well hung, dark haired, youngish guy gets his dick all the way , deep in the cute bottoms hole.  Love the passion, and love the ending when the top felches the pretty hole.

Oh hell yes!  Antonio Biaggi looks so fucking fine with clothes on in the begining of this movie.  He picks up a blond guy to fuck, and both of them are so hot! I love the blond bottoms pretty hole, and the Biaggi ball bounce looks as good as ever in the back of a limo.  This is pretty short compared with many of Baiggi’s other videos, so  get ready to come as soon as the bottom gets his legs intot he air.  The last few minutes show a tender moment after the ejaculation, then som random stuff at the end.  17 minutes.—Hammered

Dick Wadd’s -Bareback 6 Forced, Used & Hammered

 Oh, I love when butch guys get together and slam their dicks into each other’s raw holes.  This 118 minute movie is worth seeing front to end.
  And felchers, don’t miss a lengthy , two person mouthing of a very loose hole. At the 88 minute mark, Tit Pig revels in just having seeded this hairy slut’s hole, and goes to town licking the rosebud.  Then a second guy really goes deep.  It’s breathtaking, and cum inducing.

Tim Gets Lucky powered by YouPorn.

I’d fuck that ginger’s ivory hole any day.  Love the beginning when his legs are in the air.  Lots of DP action later.   No CP, but such a pretty ginger.

This is an hour and a half of pure buttfucking and creampies.  It starts each scene just moments before the cum shot, and the film begins with a cute ginger getting slammed until he sprays his own load on his chest. The top scoops it up and uses it for lube.  Fuck yeah. My personal fave is at the 50 minute mark, with a young guy felching his bottom after a sweet cum shot.  If watching cum shots makes you squirt, this might be an easy go-to video.

Bulgarian hairy men bareback their way to orgasm.  Nicely hairy guys.

I love to see the bottoms curly leg hair and his focused enjoyment of having a thick dick shoved in his ass. 

Jump to 7 min for a lengthy rim,

At 13 min Flip fuck!

My favorite starts around 18 minute with the pretty dark skin boy with his legs in the air.  Not the greatest cum shots, but the process is well worth it.